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Events 2009

Temple of Peace in Cardiff was the place to be on July 23rd 2009
If you wanted to know anything about micro finance, then the Temple of Peace in Cardiff was the place to be on July 23rd. The focus was on Women and how micro-loans help many, but may not be of use to the poorest. Jennifer Twelvetrees, Nancy Lidubwi and Nonn Vaughan spoke to members, outlining the various formal and informal ways this is carried out drawing on personal experiences in Kenya, Ethiopia and Liberia.
“I have moved beyond fulfilment of my basic needs and now have access to tap water and electricity ….I am a happy woman”
Ethiopian potter making simple stoves backed by a micro-loan.
28 Feb 2009
The Olive Branch Fund - has been set up in memory of Olive Price, the mother of Jennifer Twelvetrees, who founded Women4Resources. It will support women involved with the care of animals and the environment – a cause with which Mrs Price was very concerned. We are very grateful to all those who donated money to the fund in lieu of flowers at Mrs Price’s funeral in February 2009. During our visit to Liberia in March 2009, we intend to focus on the environment while developing sustainable horticultural projects.
7 Mar 2009
The Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea March 6th – 31st 2009
In January 2008, when we visited Paynesville, we gave disposable cameras to the women we are supporting. We asked them to document their daily lives. None of the women had used a camera before but all came back with beautiful, touching photographs. They showed us their lives; digging and breaking rocks to earn a living, selling small quantities of food by the roadside, washing their children or making the family meal under a tree. Most of the photos on this website were taken by Concerned Women for Progress 4 Liberia Starting on International Women’s Day weekend, in association with Women Centre Stage, you can see their photographs alongside Welsh women artists who are exhibiting as part of the celebration. The women's photographs from Paynesville add the International theme to the Month’s celebrations.
Swansea Women's Centre Sat 7th March 12pm to 3pm 2009
As part of the centre's celebration there will be an opportunity to view photographs taken by Swansea Women who have explored global, social and political issues worldwide and in particular responding to the women in Paynesville.
April 2009
Two members of W4R stayed in the heart of the community of Rockhill for two weeks at the end of March 2009.
“By being so close to the group, we were able to meet families at home, hear how women and children survived the recent 14 year civil war and start to see first hand how a small West African community functions.”
They were invited to speak to the Community Council and draw up a Memorandum of Understanding between Rockhill and Swansea SA1.
“Every morning women from the local market came to use the well in our garden and stopped to chat with us as we sat outside our house. The children of the families we knew dropped by with their friends and show us their school work.”
July 23rd 2009
Jennifer Twelvetrees, Nonn Vaughn and Nancy Kehera
"Women & Micro Finance - Safe In Our Hands".
The Temple Of Peace, Cathays Park, Cardiff  CF10 3AP

Women’s lives –  Dylan Thomas Centre, April 2009
An exhibition of photographs taken by women in Liberia using disposable cameras alongside photographs taken by a group of women in Swansea.
It is clear that the discipline of saving before borrowing from a specialist institution is demanding for everyone and defeats many. Borrowing with a group of friends and neighbours who become interdependent while repaying the loan, demand a great deal of trust since all are responsible for each other’s loans. Individuals and groups are often charged high interests rates and yet they manage their repayments while supporting their families.
However, stories are recorded from all parts of the world, of women who are able to turn their own and their families’ lives around, by the loan of a small amount of money. This may be the only way women in developing countries can invest in their fledgling businesses and escape poverty through their own hard work.  Read the report on Micro Finance in Africa