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Liberia 2008 -
How it all began Liberia 2010 -International Development in Microcosm


Liberia 2009 - 
Growing and Learning The Photography Project (2008)

The Photography Project 2008

The group used disposable cameras to take pictures of themselves and their families. We were very moved by the intimate pictures they brought us of their home and working lives. They worked with a friend, but none of the women had used a camera before.

Breaking Rocks

Carrying Rocks

Most of the group earn $1 a day (50p) breaking rocks. Some are paid by the land owner who then sells them on for road and house building, others sell direct. They work in family groups so even the smallest children contribute. This means that they then can't go to school.


Families Work Together

Familes work long hours together in very harsh working conditions for the meager wahes of $1 a day! No matter what their ages, the women and children contribute to the family budget by carrying heavy rocks long distances.


Training to earn a living by sewing was the group's first choice. There are now 3 treadle machine, bought locally and one hand sewing machine which we took with us from the UK. Trainees start by hand sewing a book of 'patterns' of a variety of basic collars, sleeves, pleating and gathering styles. They also learn to sew in straight and curved lines.


Pattern Book


Family Life

Rockhill is a busy, friendly community. Children hold our hands as we walk up the road to the school where the group meets. Outside their houses, families prepare food, repair things, sew and care for their own and neighbouring children.


Getting Water

Rockhill is fortunate in having a good water supply for most of the year, but in the dryest months, the well at the school where we meet runs dry, even though it has been re-dug with the help of money from another Swansea group which supports the school.

The children loved  seeing themselves on the digital camera.


Women’s Work

Washing clothes and bricks

Making a Collar pattern

Repairing A Machine

Trying The New Machine