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Reaching Out Changing Lives (ROCL)

ROCL is not for profit organisation led by women and committed to women’s issues. Our work in Kenya supports UN MDGs especially promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment. ROCL has been working with Women4Resources UK since 2006 on gender issues. Our mission is to make a positive difference primarily through community based initiatives that are sensitive to the needs of women and girls.  We help them make informed choices as it relates to sexual health and reproductive rights and are able to address gender based issues to their benefit.

Girls in rural areas who would necessarily be from the poorest households require targeted interventions to encourage them to enrol in and stay in school. While eliminating fees, ensuring a safe school environment and promoting later marriage have boosted girls’ attendance in school, lack of a conducive environment for homework, reading material and no role models to look up to greatly counteract efforts being made. In one school 24 girls out of a class of 25 girls had dropped out of school in one term (span of 3 months) due to pregnancy (Sept 2009). 3 million children are involved in child labour some as young as 5 yrs. Most affected is the girl child. 15-19 year old girls are living with HIV/AIDS contracted in search of money for food due to high poverty rates and feel responsible for supporting their families.

Adopt-a girl programme                       

ROCL currently helps 7 girls to stay in school through our Adopt-a girl programme. This relies on sponsors who contribute £10 month for their school uniform and books. This programme was identified by the mothers’ groups to assist girls from poor households access education. They noticed that the free primary education announced by the Government does not benefit the very poor who will always slip through Government policy. We hope to get more well-wishers to support this worthy cause.

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2. Health awareness

Research results published in January 2010 show that 2,635 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer out of which 2,111 died from the disease. This is also unexceptionally high rates which call for a more concerted focus on women’s health.

The same research findings also showed that maternal mortality remains unacceptably high. 1 in 22 women risks dying from treatable or preventable complications of pregnancy and childbirth over the courses of her lifetime. 7,700 families lose their mothers and for some, a bread winner. The Government ratio of maternal death is 414 deaths per 100,000 live births which according to the survey is on the increase. Some of the causes includes:

We plan to liaise with and undertake campaigns with like minded partners and stakeholders including government agencies to initiate programmes that address the health needs of women and young people and jointly initiate timely interventions.

ROCL has a laid down plan to tap into the training of female college and University students from targeted areas as role models and peer educators. We hope that through peer mentoring we will support transition, attainment, attendance and behaviour. We aim to challenge and change where need be.

The mothers are key in the success of the libraries and providing support to each other. Most of our work is reliant on well wishers, volunteers and Women4Resources which has been very supportive in meeting our overheads, keeping the libraries operational.


We have received books from Kenya National Library for our libraries through Book Aid, Women4Resources, Hafan Cymru and individual well wishers in Kenya and Wales

We wish to take this opportunity to send our sincere sympathies to the families of Helen Dean who passed on in 2010 and Judith Magunga who died 2011. Helen and Judith sponsored two girl’s education and we will miss their invaluable contribution.

For more information on ROCL activities, contact Susan Jumba, Nancy Lidubwi, Pamela Rechenbach

Email:; tel: +254-715-585-554.  


Community Libraries and information centres
Three community libraries and information centres have been opened and are operational. All the libraries are in the rural areas of Western Kenya and are managed by women volunteers. The libraries offer a conducive environment for studying and developing a reading culture among young people. They are open 6 days a week, two of each are weekends. The libraries have become centres of community based approach to learning and development. Community needs are identified and solutions discussed and agreed upon through the library set ups. Some of these include:
1. Education
ROCL focuses on targeted action needed to help girls from poor rural areas stay in school.
3. Mothers’ group
ROCL also has ongoing mothers’ groups that meet monthly to deliberate on issues around health, education, women’s rights and economic empowerment.

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Working towards Sustainability, our successful bid to Comic Relief

We will be examining with our  partner , ROCL, Kenya how we can more effectively support poor women 's enterprises to become more sustainable and reduce poverty for their families.All the businesses at present we support operate around the two ROCL run  libraries where the women also volunteer their time. There have been demands for services that are not available at present including advice, guidance, support, training, especially from young women entrepreneurs.The project will work closely with the local Council and other interested parties. It will strengthen the ties with the City and County of Swansea which has already got school and volunteer links links and interests in Fairtrade.

New link with Western Kenya through Sanitary Dignity programme

Following a successful menstruation management programme in Vihiga by our local partner ROCL, IRISE international where 10 schools, over 800 pupils and their teachers were engaged in an intensive programme to prevent school drop out by offering practical and educational solutions . After a recent investigative visit by one of our Kenyan Diaspora trustees to ROCL following a request from the neighbouring community. The concerns highlighted were that many young girls from poor families lack access to sanitary pads. The poverty cycle can be broken when the young girls go and stay in school . These poor girls who cannot afford pads resort to unhygienic and unsafe solutions to their predicament . A greater percentage of hikes in the slums engage in transactional sex or are sexually exploited to get money for basic feminine supplies like pads exposing them to the risk of HIH and STI's. The solution was to improve girl's access to effective, sustainable, affordable, eco friendly and safe solutions . All the things we take for granted in Wales. W4R is now hoping to begin providing sanitary provisions and health awareness programme in one local school but we need the support of people in Wales to make this possible .

WHAT YOU CAN DO ....... Sponsor a year's supply of pads for £20 for one girl


For more information contact Edna at