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Lettie Chimbi ,one of our two Zimbabwean trustees, links with her home community in Chimuzangari, Zimbabwe.

In a remote rural area of Zimbabwe a new partnership has started between W4R and the Women's Food Cooperative after an investigative visit by Lettie this year.

A key finding was that due to climate change there was a water shortage which was making it difficult for the women to grow their crops and also they had to carry water from a great  distance . Many of the women were of over 70 years of age . Monkeys had also moved into the area looking for food and were eating the crops.

The next step for the partnership is to RAISE MONEY FOR

1. Geophysical survey to see where there is water in the area if feasible ....  

2. Bore holes.

3. Installation of pumps .

4. Storage tanks .

5. Maintenance contract and local training .

6. Other

If you want to be part of this work please contact us.

Some local food growers in Swansea have already expressed interest s in being part of these developments, learning from each other and sharing ideas.

The Women's Food Cooperative

Carrying of water

The dried up water bed